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Number Puzzle #12- Hole In The Middle -

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A craftsman was hired to make a square-shaped stained glass window by the town church. The clergy specified the size of the window required and the thickness (one inch) and chose the colors. The craftsman then went back to his shop, and began working on his masterpiece.

Unfortunately the craftsman was not so good at math, and miscalculated the amount of material he would need. He purchased enough material to cover an area of 508 cubic inches. However, just as he was ready to make the last glass pane at the very center of the window, he ran out of material leaving a small square hole shown in black below. Puzzle Image

The next day he unveiled his masterpiece to the clergy. When the clergy asked about the hole, he paused then replied "That's the new style of course!" The question for you is, how many cubic inches is the hole?

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