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Number Puzzle #05- Pick Me -

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Puzzle Image Jordan has five green gumdrops and five orange gumdrops left from Halloween. His mother tells him that he must let his younger brother have one of the gumdrops. Jordan prefers the orange gumdrops over the green gumdrops, but his mother tells him that he must let his younger brother choose.

To make things interesting, the mother gives Jordan two plates and tells him that he can distribute the gumdrops any way he likes between the two plates so long as all ten gumdrops are there. The younger brother will then choose a plate at random and take a gumdrop at random from that plate (i.e. the younger brother has no color preference). How can Jordan distribute the gumdrops to minimize the chance that his brother takes an orange gumdrop?

Note: neither of the plates can be empty and all 10 candies must be placed (no hiding the orange candies somewhere else).
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