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Monthly Puzzle Contest June 2023 | Edition #117- Stolen Loot -

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Puzzle Image In the story of the same name, Robin Hood is known for stealing back money from the unjust king who levied abusive taxes on the poor. One evening, Robin Hood stole several bags of coins from the king's treasury. Each bag contained either 16, 17, 23, 24, 39, or 40 coins. When he emptied the bags he had stolen, he found that he had exactly 100 coins.

What bags did he take?

Please enter your answer in the form of a 6 digit number where the first digit is the number of 16-coin bags, the second digit is the number of 17-coin bags, the third digit is the number of 23-coin bags, etc. For example, if your solution was one 17-coin bag and two 39-coin bags, you would enter your answer as: 010020.
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