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Lateral Thinking #21- Amazing Magic Trick -

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Puzzle Image Natasha and Naomi are performing their favorite magic trick for some friends. In front of them is a standard deck of 52 facedown cards. They invite a friend (who is not "in" on the trick) to shuffle the deck and then select five cards to give to Naomi. Naomi looks at the five cards, chooses one (which she puts facedown in front of her), then arranges the remaining four cards in any order she wants (all face down) and hands them to Natasha. Natasha looks at the four cards and then correctly names Naomi's card. Can you figure out how the two girls peformed the trick?

This is not a trick question. It wasn't a lucky guess, the cards are not marked, Naomi did not communicate the card she selected verbally or through gestures, the card was not secretly switched with some other card, there is no hidden camera in the surface Naomi places her card on, and Natasha never saw Naomi's card. The "trick" has to do with how Naomi chooses which card to select and the order of the four cards that are handed back to Natasha.

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