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Lateral Thinking #10- Fly In My Coffee -

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Puzzle Image A man walks into a diner and sits down. There's a new waitress working that he's never seen before. When she comes to his table to take his order, he says "Just a cup of coffee please." A few minutes later the waitress brings the man his coffee and heads back to the kitchen. A short while later, the man notices that there is a fly in his coffee and calls the waitress back. He asks her nicely to bring him another cup. The waitress brings the man's cup of coffee back to the kitchen and returns a few moments later. "Here you are, I poured you a new cup of coffee, no fly this time" she says and hands him the cup. The waitress turns around and starts to head back to the kitchen. She only takes a few steps before she hears the man shout out "Hey, this is the same cup of coffee, all you did was remove the fly!"

Assuming the coffee was still hot and that the coffee machine is not in plain sight, how did the man know it was the same cup of coffee?
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