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Lateral Thinking #04- Reaching The Key -

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Puzzle Image Two brothers (Milo and Noah) lived together and shared two things in common; they were both short and they were both very forgetful. After having misplaced/lost the key to their apartment on several occasions, they decided that instead of bringing the key with them, they would instead hide the key on top of the door frame.

Unfortunately, neither Milo nor Noah were tall enough to reach the top of the door frame. So they devised a system. The older brother, Milo, stood on the shoulders of his younger brother, Noah and was able to just reach the top of the door frame (and the hiding spot for their key). Noah was significantly smaller than his older brother, so why would the bigger, older brother stand on the smaller, younger brother's shoulders?

Note: this is not a trick question (it's not because the older brother was mean or because the younger brother was in a wheelchair or didn't have any arms).
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