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For Geeks & Brainiacs #31- Escape Room -

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Puzzle Image Joe, John and Kim wake up in a room. Inside the room there is a scale and three sealed bags filled with coins. There is a locked door with a numeric keypad. There is a speaker in the room. A voice comes through it:

"The only way out is to key in the correct code on the keypad, you have one attempt only. I have a certain number of coins. One third of those coins are in your room divided into the three sealed bags you see in front of you. You are not allowed to open the bags, nor attempt to count the coins. But you are free to weigh them. The weight of the bag is negligible."

They each grab a bag and by using the scale they determine that John's bag weighs twice as much as Joe's bag and that Kim's bag weighs three times as much as Joe's bag.

The speaker continues: "I have more than 100 coins, but less than 1000 and all the coins are the exact same weight. The number of coins I have is the passcode to open the door. At least 2 of the digits are identical and the number is a perfect square. Escape is possible."

Kim (after examining the keypad): "it's a 3x3, nine-digit keypad, first number on the top left is 0, then 1, 2, 3, etc."

Do Joe, John, and Kim have enough information to ensure exit from the room and if so, what is the code?

An adaptation of an original puzzle sent in by Armen Hanessian.

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